We are renovating a section of our garden next to the new wall/fence put up by the builders of the new home next door. With much sweat and brawn, husband dug up several stumps of trees that were cut down years ago but hidden under our laurel hedge which had just been removed by the workers next door.

I became interested in the photographic possibilties in the textures and shapes of the disintegrating wood and the roots. I’m glad I missed seeing the termites which quickly buried themselves deeper into the rotting wood as they emerged into daylight. I did see our resident crows investigating them with keen interest but unfortunately too late for a tasty meal.

Added Sunday, June 24th:
Today, as I was cutting up a dead shrub which had not survived a move last fall, I was struck by its gorgeous root formation. Then I recalled the beautiful filigrees of blood vessels and nerves in bodies, as I wrote some years ago about an exhibition called Body Worlds. Isn’t that an amazing similarity between humans and plants?! (Sorry, no photo as I was too busy to come in for the camera.)

June 22, 2012 in Nature, Photoworks by Marja-Leena