Spiral Jetty revisited


Spiral Jetty began to submerge earlier this spring, as represented in this May 18, 2005, photo. Image: Mark Milligan at Geotimes.

Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty was a subject of a post I wrote in August of last year. Today Modern Art Note’s Tyler Green says his mind is full of earth art after revisiting the Smithson exhibit at the Whitney. This has inspired him to post what he wrote last fall about his visit to the Jetty and how awe-inspiring that was. It’s eloquent and it will make you want to see it as it much as it’s made me, again, so do go and read it.

But, Geotimes reports:

For the last 36 years, weather cycles have dictated when Smithson’s sculpture would make an appearance. “The jetty has a cyclical presence: being submerged under water, re-emerging encrusted in salt, weathering back to rock and then being submerged again,” says Michael Govan, director and president of the Dia Art Foundation. “Its recurring/disappearing act beneath the Salt Lake only adds to its allure.” And now, following a 1999 drought that allowed the jetty to reappear three years ago, the spiral may be going back into hiding.

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June 28, 2005 in Art Exhibitions, Modern Rock Art by Marja-Leena