Sunday drive





Escaping the three-girl-band practice coming to our house this afternoon, we went on a drive up to one of our local mountains to see the snow. A short-lived snowfall down here near sea level this past Thursday night had left us hankering for the sight of more. Unlike the other North Shore mountains, Mt. Seymour does not yet have their downhill skiing open so we knew it would not be too busy.

Our favourite sights are the massive snow-covered evergreen trees, so magical and beautiful on the drive up and on top, and the amazing long-distance views over the city and valley, with Mt. Baker in Washington state to the southeast and Vancouver Island to the west. We love the clean white snow up there and the icicles on the buildings were a bonus sight. But, oh, was it cold! Our thermos of hot mocha was a good idea.

(We might get a dump of snow here tonight, warns the weatherman…)

November 20, 2011 in Canada and BC, Home by Marja-Leena