vernal equinox


Yesterday, or today depending on where you are, marks the spring equinox. Our first day of Spring in Vancouver was stormy with high winds, rain, some hail, even snow on mountain peaks and bright moments of sunshine. The past several weeks of spring-like weather has pampered us, and this felt rather like a step back in time.

Nevertheless we had a lovely day, getting family together to celebrate a birthday and happy family news with lunch, cake with candles and of course, lots of family photos taken by my other half. From that occasion, we’d like to share this “failed” photo that I find very mysterious and evocative.

On the drive home in the early evening, the lower western sky cleared to reveal a brilliant sun beaming like a giant spotlight beneath the dark and heavy rainclouds. West-facing drivers were shielding eyes with hands, and those driving east were blinded by the sunlight reflected off highrise windows. Then appeared an astoundingly brilliant and huge rainbow, which my husband captured from the front passenger seat of our moving vehicle. Serendipity and Happy Spring to us all!


March 21, 2005 in Current Events, Photography by Marja-Leena